Thursday, 13 June 2013


Have you even been doing cardio and reached that point where you’re convinced you can’t go on? Your lungs are on fire, your legs are jello and your hearts pounding out of your chest while sweat drips down into your eyes? Do you sometimes come to a screeching halt rather than toughing it out until the end? I find that I always come to that at some point in my work out and I’ve learned that if I just suck it up for a few more minutes and get past that, I make it to the end, every time. Something that really helps is having that one song come on that motivates you and gives you that extra push. Here are some of my favourite songs to work out to, some that have come on my shuffle just before I surrender.

Till I Collapse-Eminem
300 Violin Orchestra-Jorge Quintero
Here Comes The Boom-Nelly
Killin’ It-Krewella
Android Porn-Kraddy
DNA-Little Mix
Glowing-Nikki Williams
Lets Go-Trick Daddy
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark-Fallout Boy
Undead-Hollywood Undead
Get Down On The Ground-Gillie Da Kid

I was nearing the end of my run today when 300 Violin Orchestra came on and it gave me that second wind I needed.

Put in the time and the effort to make a work out playlist jam packed with songs to get you amped up. Music can make all the difference in your work outs and be a big factor in reaching your goals.

Happy Downloading!


  1. Love it! Mine is David Guetta - Titanium & back in the day it was Pump It by BEP

  2. I'm a fan of Fallout Boys version of Beat It! I could run forever listening to that