Friday, 17 May 2013

How to eat when you eat out

This DELICIOUSNESS is what I had for lunch today. At a restaurant known for their BURGERS...Here's what I did...

I ordered the "Mediterranean Burger" (with a veggie burger, of course) but instead of having it on a bun, I had it with a bed of lettuce. This particular restaurant has this as an option (which is one of the reason's I love going there so much) But if where you are doesn't have that option, you can do one of a few things: 
1.     Your numero uno option would be to just ditch the bun all together. Doesn’t suit your fancy?
2.     Ask for a whole wheat bun…OR
3.     Ditch half the bun.
By not eating your burger with a bun, you are saving yourself about 250 (pretty much) empty calories. When I quit eating bread, I thought I would CRAVE it, but I didn’t, and don’t.
Next, I ALWAYS pick a salad as my side, ask for their low calorie dressing and ask to have it on the side. I know you’ve probably heard that getting your dressing on the side is a good thing, but until you actually do it, you don’t realize how little you actually need. I only ever use half, at the most.
Once it all comes, I take my fork and knife and go to town. I chop it all up (veggie burger too) and mix it all together. Add a little of my (usually) balsamic dressing and it is TO DIE FOR. I’ve done this at several restaurants and it’s delicious every time. You know how usually when you go out to eat you feel bloated and SUPER STUFFED after? Well, eating this way you will feel satisfied (not stuffed), clean (not bloated) and best of all…YOU WON’T FEEL GUILTY J

The best part of the meal? My mom and I basically ordered the same thing, no bun, side salad, water, dressings on the side…ect. And the stinkin’ waitress STILL offered us dessert. 
LOL-AS IF.    


  1. oh my goodness. your blog is so freaking motivating. like i seriously needed a push and here it is. i love how you said that if you dont feel it the next day you think the workout was a waste. i love that. im going to try to look at it like that to help push myself further. keep it comin girl . LOVE your blog.

  2. <3 Awe! This seriously means the world to me. All I want to do is motivate people. So glad you like it :)

  3. you are simply stunning! such and inspiration to all us fatties! keep up the good work!