Sunday, 19 May 2013

SUNDAY FUNDAY! (depending on how you look @ it)

One of the fitness people I follow on Instagram posted this workout today. At first glance I thought, NO FREAKIN' WAY. But then I thought, I'll try it and go as far as I can. Turns out, I CAN DO IT. Guess I'm more bad ass than I give myself credit for. 
Here it is: 

99 jumping jacks
99 crunches
99 sec wall sit
99 knee highs
9 push ups
88 jumping jacks
88 crunches
88 sec wall sit
88 knee highs
8 push ups
77 jumping jacks
77 crunches
77 sec wall sit
77 knee highs
7 push ups
66 jumping jacks
66 crunches
66 sec wall sit
66 knee highs
6 push ups
55 jumping jacks
55 crunches
55 sec wall sit
55 knee highs
5 push ups
44 jumping jacks
44 crunches
44 sec wall sit
44 knee highs
4 push ups
33 jumping jacks
33 crunches
33 sec wall sit
33 knee highs
3 push ups
22 jumping jacks
22 crunches
22 sec wall sit
22 knee highs
2 push ups
484 jj's
484 crunches
8 minute wall sit
484 knee highs
44 push ups

To finish is off, I ran for 11 minutes @ 5.5 resulting in a one mile run. The entire work out took me 50 minutes and I burned just under 600 calories. With this workout and riding my bike to/from work, I burned a total of 830 calories today. 

Point is, DON'T UNDER ESTIMATE YOURSELF. It was definitely a good work out but I had no problem doing it. I only rested for 30 seconds after the push ups/before the next set of jumping jacks. Which tells me, I NEED TO GO HARDER next time :) AND, I did all the push ups the REAL way, not on my knees. Which I didn't think I would be able to do. 

For dinner afterwards (I was famished) I had 1/4 of couscous that I cooked with veggie broth, shredded carrots, peas, onion and fish all mixed together with a little bitta butter and s&p. DELISH and SATISFYING. In total, I consumed 1,565 calories for the day. 

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