Thursday, 16 May 2013

This 'N That

I started off the day with a bike ride to the gym. It only takes me about 10 minutes but it’s a good warm up to get my heart pumping and my blood flowing. When I got there I did (what I thought was going be) regular Hot Yoga. I try and practice Hot Yoga a few times a month just to really stretch out my muscles and I just flat out feel good afterwards. Well, today was Power Hot Yoga….I think the name speaks for itself. Rather than going at the regular pace my body is so used to, it was pretty fast movements and some of the poses were ones I had never done before. I’m usually tired after regular Hot Yoga but this class straight up KICKED MY ASS. I just wanted to melt into a big puddle of goop on the floor and never get up. So if you are someone (like many) who thinks that Yoga is a “sissy class” or “easy” or “not a real workout”-YOU ARE SORELY MISTAKEN. Yoga is all about pushing your body to its limits, improving your flexibility and training your mind to take control over your body. If you’ve done Yoga, then you don’t need to be told; but if you haven’t, I HIGHLY recommend trying it. I don’t know anyone who has given Yoga a fair chance and not fallen IN LOVE.
Today was a day off (work) for me and on my days off I like to get in an extra workout J I’m just weird like that. Like I’ve mentioned before, I work at a gym and my schedule doesn’t always allow me to take classes that I want to take. So when I have the whole day to myself, I like to do as much as possible. My favourite class that we offer at Good Life is called Body Pump. It’s an hour long, full body, high reps work out. We do over 700 repetitions and burn about 550 calories (on average). I LOVE this class and starting noticing results after only 4 classes. I take it as much as I can and I wish I could do it more. Tonight I decided to drag my Mom along J.  Considering it was her first time really going that hard for that long, she did pretty darn good. I’m thinking that she’ll be hurting for the next few days but like I always say, NO PAIN NO GAIN. I’m doing the SPARTAN RACE in about six weeks so I’ve really been focusing on strength training, therefor upping my weights by quite a bit. So even though I’ve taken the class multiple times, I can pretty much guarantee that I’m not going to want to move in the morning.

I exercised for a total of 2.5 hours today, burning just over 1,300 calories.
I had 3 protein drinks (not all at once), yogurt, granola, a pear, quinoa salad, a green salad & fruit salad bringing my calorie intake to 1,900.
Now, do I normally eat 1,900 calories in a day? HECK NO. But I do eat that much when I burn almost all of it. If you don’t fuel your body to keep up with what you’re putting it through, you will go in to starvation mode and it will be a lot harder for you to cut the fat. You need to give your body good things that are going to satisfy and nurture your muscles (including your stomach).
That’s all for today, I’m gonna go sit on my butt and watch the American Idol finale. ‘Cus I deserve some lazy time J