Monday, 13 May 2013

Thunder Thighs And Such

Today was LEG day…
I don’t know about you, but I was cursed with thunder thighs and larger than normal calves. My calves are solid as a rock so they don’t bother me, but my thighs could definitely use some toning. I am forever looking for new, awesome leg work outs so please comment if you have any good ones J Today I did a million squats and lunges. Okay, okay, it FELT like a million and my legs are still shaking as I’m sitting here typing this. Really though, I did fifty squats with a 50lb bar on my shoulders. It sounds like a lot but I have an ass that won’t quit and it can handle a lot of weight/pressure. For me, if I can’t feel the burn the next day, then I feel like my work out was a waste. I love to push myself PAST my limits. Here are some tips I have picked up on to maximise my squat results :
  • Make sure when you are squatting you are checking yourself out in the mirror… No seriously though, if you are watching yourself, you are more likely to have proper form . Make sure your back doesn't bend and your knees don’t go over your toes.
  • Focus on your ASS. For a long time I was feeling most of the burn in my quads, this is not what you’re looking for. Try doing a squat and using ONLY your glutes to push your body back up. If you aren’t making a funny/awkward face, you aren’t doing it right.
  • Try to squat low enough that your thighs are parallel to the floor. If you can’t squat that low, your weight is too heavy. If you can do it with no effort, you either need to up your weight or you already have the ass that I am working so hard to get-congrats to you.

Wait…Rewind…My warm up! Never forget or skip your warm up. You need to get your muscles warm for them to work efficiently. Today I cycled for 30 minutes, burning about 450 calories.
Okay, now we can move on… J

I loathe my inner thighs. They have improved since losing weight but there is still more jiggle then I care to admit. Also, my “saddlebags” (you know, that useless fat that plants itself right on the outside of your hips?) are extremely stubborn. For these, I use the hip adductors and the hip abductors. I set each one at about 130 and do 3 sets of 16. It’s a pretty high weight but that’s how I seem to get the best results.
Now my alllll time favourite machine (because it has given me amaZING results) is the leg curl machine. It works your hamstrings and has almost eliminated all of my icky cellulite. I used to be pretty self-conscious about the backs of my legs because of the cellulite situation. Now, I wear short shorts as much as I can. They are (almost) completely smooth and I have the leg curl machine to thank for it. Again, CRANK UP THAT WEIGHT.
***A common misconception is that high weights cause you to bulk up. FALSE! High weights maximise your results and make you STRONGER. As long as you aren’t a juice monkey, you won’t bulk up.
Today I ate 1,291 calories and burned 729.

“I’m Tired Of Magazines, Saying Flat Butts Are The Scene”-Sir Mix-A-Lot

You're Welcome. 


  1. Okay this is fun! And good for you!!! I love fitness. You should check out and then the liveFit trainer. Her program is awesome. I was lifting before I started it and in the 3 weeks I've been doing it so far I have toned up a tone and am WAY stronger - yesterday was legs and I'm up to 3x12 squats at 95lbs and deadlifts at 105lbs. If nothing else it might just give you some new exercises to try. Sometimes I don't do her exercises I just use it for a frame work for my workouts... but yes I like it. Good luck and YAY for Fitness!!

  2. Smash, love you to death; this article was a fantastic read. I feel like so much about fitness is boring but your personality doesn't allow for that! "...i have an ass that won't quit," "If you aren’t making a funny/awkward face, you aren’t doing it right." Fantastic stuff.

  3. TYLER-I love YOU to death. Even when you are 35, you will still be my favourite teenager :) thanks for the feedback, I will do my best to continue entertaining you. xoxo