Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Midweek Motivation

You know when you are scrolling on PINTEREST & you see a PIN that says “Do this work out for 20 minutes & see instant results”? Yeah...I hate to *BURST YOUR BUBBLE* but those so called “work-outsWON’T give you instant results. INFACT, there is no such thing as a work out that gives you instant results. Everyone these days is looking for a QUICK FIX or an EASY WAY OUT. For some things in life, there are QUICK FIXES & EASY WAYS OUT, but when it comes to GETTING FIT &/or LOSING WEIGHT, it’s an ongoing challenge. It’s something that you have to dedicate yourself to 100%. LOSING WEIGHT is NOT EASY and your BODY will not change OVER NIGHT. Don’t let this be a DISCOURAGING to you…I PROMISE *GARUNTEE* that you WILL see AMAZING results if you put the time & work into it. You need to SWEATBURN…& MAYBE even cry a little…

I am a Fitness Advisor at a gym & spend all day/everyday talking to people about the BENEFITS of leading a healthy lifestyle & how GOING TO THE GYM is an ESSENTIAL part of that lifestyle change. I always tell them, “there is no one in this world that wouldn’t benefit from working out”. Even if you are in the *BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE,* you’ve still got to maintain that shape, right? TAKE ME for example…Yes I’ve lost weight…Yes I’m in much better shape then I used to be BUT-if I were to stop going to the gym just because I’ve reached my goal weight, I would SWELL like a marshmellow && gain allll that weight back that I WORKED SO HARD to get off. So the bottom line is, KEEP IT UP. Keep pushing yourself & *NEVER, EVER QUIT.*

Wraps”, pills, cleanses & anything that is UNNATURAL, isn’t going to give you long term OR healthy results. Please don’t fall for these FADS, they are a waste of your time and HARD EARNED $$$. INVEST your money in a gym membership & healthy foods. Your results will be so much more REWARDING & LONG LASTING. Wouldn’t you rather be able to CLAIM your body as something you WORKED HARD FOR & better yet, EARNED?! I know I would/do. Take pride in yourself & take care of your BODY. I *PROMISE* you, all your hard work WILL pay off & all the PAIN will be worth it. 

Go ahead && tell yourself.....



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